When I saw the line forming outside of the Newport Music Hall for Trivium’s first date of the Silence In The Snow tour, I knew I was in for a night full of relentless energy. Huntress and Sabaton opened the show, but hit the stage with the force and enthusiasm of a headliner. Later on in the night, Matt Heafy called for the crowd to get their “asses shakin’, heads bangin’, and bodies movin’.” He got what he asked for and then some. Weren’t able to make the show? Read up on the experience and check out the photos from each set.


Huntress opened the show with the intention of memorizing the room with their wicked and compelling stage presence. The huntress was alive and well within Jill Janus that night as she glided around stage gracefully and howled towards the sky. But, that gracefulness is juxtaposed by her power that can by felt by the growls and screams that explode from her lungs. That power is only amplified by heaviness of the music, which is wonderfully barbaric.


The people love Sabaton. That was very clear as chants of”Sabaton! Sabaton! Sabaton!” filled the room following Huntress’ set. As soon as they walked out on stage, the crowd went further into a frenzy, giving them an extremely warm welcome on their first day of tour. One thing I gathered is that Sabaton are extremely charismatic. You can tell that they are really great guys that just happen to also make great music, and that makes you like them that much more. Their interaction and back and forth between the crowd and Sabaton made for a very memorable and awe-inspiring experience. They chanted to the crowd and the crowd instantly chanted back. Those are the moments that make you feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself. Sabaton’s goofy charm and wide smiles could be felt even from balconies in the venue, but their passion for performing translated the most with me. They may make heavy music, but they exude nothing but light on stage.


Trivium are one of those bands that you can’t not like. Say what you want about their music, but they are good dudes and there is absolutely no denying that. The way Matt Heafy talks to the crowd is proof enough as to just how much he loves and appreciates his fans. Both new and old songs were played from “Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr” to “Until The World Goes Cold”, providing a real-time look into how Trivium have evolved over the years. There’s just something so catching about Trivium. They’re humble, they make good music, and they give their all in whatever they do. No matter what city, what time of day, and what circumstance, Trivium are ready to hit that stage with everything they have, because they love what they do and they love spending time with their fans. Their tour stop in Columbus was no exception. In the end, asses were shakin’, heads were bangin’, and bodies were movin’ all night long.

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