Warped Tour is more than an alternative music festival; it’s a place to escape, and most importantly a place where you feel like you belong. Bands come together along with their fans to create the ultimate misfits summer camp. Along with sharing moments with our favorite bands, we form new memories. This year, CS formed new memories as we took on Warped Tour as press. Check out our photos of Atreyu, Every Time I Die, The Word Alive, State Champs, Sum 41, The Color Morale, and Yellowcard.


Atreyu slayed their first date of Warped Tour. Some highlights consisted of bassist, Porter McKnight, jumping off stage and joining the circle pit and lead guitarist Dan Jacobs soloing behind his back.

Every Time I Die

Every Time I Die hit the stage with their unforgettable stage presence and wild antics. Jordan Buckley got air and showed off his patriotic side; in addition to Keith Buckley giving the crowd his all.

The Word Alive

The Word Alive came out determined to show the crowd their passion and drive. Lead, Telle Smith, screamed up towards the sky as the rest of the band gave every bit of energy they had to the crowd.

State Champs

State Champs’ set on July 19th was nothing short of fun and upbeat. What they do is so effortless yet so catching. They had one of the most loyal and energetic crowds of the entire day.

Sum 41

Sum 41 were the last band on the ticket. What a powerful way to end Warped Tour. They hit the stage with an unmatched energy that made their set truly stand out as a “comeback for the ages.”

The Color Morale

The Color Morale smashed the Warped Tour stage with their heavy tunes and commanding stage presence.


Yellowcard hit the stage “hungover from the APMA’s,” but it didn’t stop them from giving an all out performance.

Already been to Warped Tour? Share your stories and memories with us in the comments.