There are few moments when you go to a concert and you see people completely immersed in what they are witnessing and hearing. Most of the time you’ll see people experiencing the concert through their phone or chatting it up with their friends, but not at Gojira. Gojira exude a power that warrants the attention of the room, so much so that people don’t just idly stand there bobbing their heads with fervor, but turn their heads to the perfect strangers next to them and give a glance as if to say, “Are you seeing this? Is this really happening?”. That’s how mind-blowing their show is. Something so out of this world that you can’t help but share it with others around you. The Magma Tour took The Fillmore in Detroit by storm last night as opening acts Car Bomb and Tesseract initiated a night full of top-notch metal, building up to the pièce de résistance, Gojira, who fractured the stage with their wild energy, compelling presence, and wicked, almost inhuman power.

Few concerts are monumental, but Gojira provide something that is more than just a performance, but a spectacle. As your eyes are drawn to the screen rolling through these immaculate, breathtaking graphics, you’re ears are being filled with the brute-force-of-nature that is Gojira and the earth-shattering voice of Joe Duplantier. Every note resonates through your body. But, though there’s something so powerful about what Gojira does, there is also something so peaceful about it. Maybe it’s just the soft hues of their lights or the visuals they choose to portray, but it creates a dichotomy that is just as mighty as it is gentle. Gojira’s recent album release, Magma, only further amplified their live performance as tracks like “Silvera,” “Stranded,” and “Only Pain” voraciously hummed into the atmosphere, encroaching upon and hypnotizing everyone in the room into a head-banging stupor. Perhaps the best part about a Gojira show, however, is the amount of love that radiates from the stage as delicate flowers and stars of light float behind these raging yet gentle giants of metal.

This is a show that you will talk about for days after it has ended. A show that will make your jaw drop. A show that will blow your mind. I’m convinced now more than ever… Gojira aren’t human.

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