Love metal took over Detroit Saturday night as Finnish goth rockers HIM played one last time in the city along with special guests CKY and 3Teeth. What very easily could’ve become a somber night with HIM biding their farewell, instead became a joyful celebration of a band who’s presence and music has darkly, yet brightly, lit up the world. With yet another sold out house awaiting them to take the stage, the Bang and Whimper 2017: The Farewell Tour‘s ticket commanded The Fillmore with their individually encapsulating performances.

Opening up the festivities was 3Teeth, who’s aggressive and industrial touch further awakened the lively room. Already making waves in the scene with their newest record, <shutdown.exe>, which arrived just this year, their live show only further proved that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Following was CKY, who absolutely rocked the house as always. With the release of The Phoenix and their appearance on Warped Tour this Summer, CKY made a triumphant return. Continuing to pick up steam, they are hitting their dates this Fall with HIM with seemingly even more passion. Though they’ve just introduced a new album this year, CKY played many songs off their past records, most notably Infiltrate.Destroy.Rebuild with songs like, “Escape From Hellview,” “Frenetic Amnesic,” “Sporadic Movement,” and “Close Yet Far,” all being performed.

As CKY headed off stage along to chants of “CKY! CKY! CKY!,” the atmosphere in the room shifted for what was about to come. The excitement of the crowd grew thick like the fog that was now forming on the stage. Back on a riser, the drums sat marked with the heartagram that glowed bright in the dark, like a beacon. A bittersweet farewell was about to ensue, but the wicked games were just beginning as Ville Valo, Mikko “Linde” Lindström, Mikko “Mige” Paananen, Janne “Burton” Puurtinen, and Jukka “Kosmo” Kröger arrived in front of us.

HIM kicked off their set with “Buried Alive By Love” off  the celebrated Love Metal. Already displaying a reserved, yet powerful, energy, HIM motioned effortlessly across the stage as they emoted through their individual instruments. Ville made his way to the edge of the stage as he called out the chorus, “If I should die before I wake, Pray no one my soul to take, If I wake before I die, Rescue me with your smile.” In front of him, their devoted fans–many of which are following the tour throughout the country–recited every word with conviction; Not just singing, but feeling every lyric.

These masters of mood and nuance followed with “Heartache Every Moment,” which resonated lyrically, like many of the songs performed, with the emotionality of the occasion. With this being their last run in the United States–unless they announce a reunion tour in the future–HIM proceeded to play a whopping 20 songs from all eras of their career. Embedded with beautiful creations, like “Wings of A Butterfly,” “Killing Loneliness,” “Heartkiller,” “The Kiss Of Dawn,” “Poison Girl,” and their cover of “Wicked Game,” HIM’s setlist perfectly closed the curtain on their 26 years together.

Ending off with a cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell,” HIM sent off their night in Detroit with a bang. Fans let out a silent whimper as they watched a band they’ve marveled at over the years exit the stage for the last time, and left soon after in joy and sorrow as they said their final adieu. HIM may be closing a chapter, but it’s clear after their sold out show Saturday night that their impact is eternal.

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HIM @ The Fillmore Detroit Setlist

1. Buried Alive By Love
2. Heartache Every Moment
3. Your Sweet Six Six Six
4. The Kiss Of Dawn
5. The Sacrament
6. Tears On Tape
7. Wings of A Butterfly
8. Gone with the sin
9. Soul On Fire
10. Wicked Game
11. Killing Loneliness
12. Poison Girl
13. Bleed Well
14. Heartkiller
15. Join Me In Death
16. It’s All Tears
17. In Joy And Sorrow
18. Right Here In My Arms
19. The Funeral Of Hearts


20. Rebel Yel

Have you been out to a date of HIM’s Bang and Whimper 2017: The Farewell Tour? Let us know and share your memories of them with us in the comments! If not, you can still catch them at one of their remaining stops here.