On Sunday night, Denver found themselves ringing in the graveyard shift as Motionless In White, The Amity Affliction, Miss May I, and William Control took over the Summit Music Hall stage. This would be the ticket’s second sold out show in Colorado, following their stop at Colorado Springs’ The Black Sheep just the night before. With an extremely long line–the biggest I’ve seen at the venue–already formed outside, their passionate fanbases anxiously flooded the doors, many of them coming out for the second night in a row to witness them give yet another untouchable performance.

Kicking off the night was William Control, who upon first listen appeared to be an oddball fit for the tour, but he lovingly admitted that though he wouldn’t bring the breakdowns, we’d get plenty of them later. He instead, was “here to bring the romance,” and he wasn’t lying. With songs like “The Monster,” “Beautiful Loser,” and “I’m Only Human Sometimes,” the rhythm took control of the venue as people jumped of their feet, and William Control danced the night away. With a gothic flair and synthpop vibe, William Control gave an emotive and colorful performance we’d all be fondly talking about for quite some time.

Following was Miss May I, who came out instantly with their relentless presence. They opened their set and pit up with one of the many powerhouses, “Lost in the Grey” off their new release, Shadows Inside. Though heavy, Miss May I poured emotion into every song they played as they hit the stage with a raging passion in tracks like “My Sorrow.” Levi Benton‘s majestical locks tried their best to whip the fans at the front of the barrier as he banged his head, particularly witnessed during “Relentless Chaos.” Their energy could be felt throughout the entire set, but their next track, “Hey Mister,” really got the room going and singing along. Ending with “Shadows Inside,” Miss May I spent every last ounce of energy they had on that stage, leaving us all with our jaws dropped and our minds blown.

After Miss May I, the energy of the room was already amped up, but The Amity Affliction somehow managed to increase that even further the minute they hit the stage with “I Bring the Weather With Me” off 2016’s This Could Be Heartbreak. They emerged with smiles as calls of “Amity” filled the air. In the crowd, the excitement was absolutely unstoppable as a wave of crowd surfers bombarded the barrier. With tracks like this, as well as “All Fucked Up” and “This Could Be Heartbreak,” their latest showed off just how strong Amity have become over the years. Though the new album made up a good chunk of their setlist, they didn’t neglect their past discography. “Open Letter,” “Lost & Fading,” “Don’t Lean On Me” brought back good memories, and further showed off their music’s unwavering ability to withstand the test of time. One thing’s for sure, they have the passion to give, and they definitely gave their fans their all this past Sunday in Denver.

Motionless In White have made the countdown to Halloween that much more exciting with their announcement of The Graveyard Shift Tour. With a stage adorned in pumpkins, angels, and skeletons, you are transported straight to Devil’s Night as Motionless In White rise out of the fog like shadows in the night. “Rats” opened up their set, shaking the ground beneath our feet while Chris Motionless captivatingly creeped around the stage. Around him, Ricky Olson, Devin SolaRyan Sitkowski, and Vinny Mauro were infecting us all with their collectively ruthless presence. This summer, we saw them kill it on tour with In This Moment, but there’s nothing quite like seeing them in this capacity, headlining their very own tour.

Motionless In White split up their setlist with half of the songs being off their earlier discography from records like 2014’s Reincarnate, and the other half coming from their latest creation, Graveyard Shift, which is already receiving immense praise since its release just this May. Songs like “Necessary Evil,” “Soft,” “LOUD (Fuck It),” “570,” and “Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2,” which fittingly followed their previously released, “Dead As F**k,” all made their live experience that much more dynamic. “Devil’s Night,” “Break The Cycle,” “Immaculate Misconception,” “We Only Come Out At Night,” and “America” were also performed. The setlist not only has something that both new and old MIW fans can appreciate, but it was also composed in a way that provided just as many chills as it did thrills.

Arguably their biggest hit and best track off Graveyard Shift, “Eternally Yours,” ended the night memorably, and perfectly. As we coalesced in the darkness one last time, Motionless In White capped off  the night off with one last unstoppable performance. Check out our photos of The Graveyard Shift Tour‘s stop in Denver at the Summit Music Hall below!

The Graveyard Shift Tour Photo Gallery

William Control

Miss May I

The Amity Affliction

Motionless In White

Were you at The Graveyard Shift Tour‘s sold out stop in Denver? Comment and let us know! If you still have yet to catch Motionless In White on the road with The Amity Affliction, Miss May I, and William Control, you can still catch them live at one of their remaining dates here.