Mutoid Man melted Denver’s faces and minds Sunday night with their friends in the mighty Helms Alee and Space In Time. At the final stop of their summer tour, they celebrated another successful run along with a sold out house at the Larimer Lounge, where they would be greeted by a grinning sea of insanely diehard mutants. Things got weird, loud, and crazy over the course of the night, creating for the ultimate headrush of a show. With a red-hot, balls to the wall performance, Mutoid Man’s appearance in the Mile High City is impossible to unsee, and even more impossible to forget.

With the recent release of our album of the year thus farWar Moans, Mutoid Man have evolved to become an even greater force to be reckoned with. In the live setting, that becomes even more clear as Nick CageaoBen Koller, and Steve Brodsky unleash amongst the stage. Kicking off the set was “Melt Your Mind,” the opener off their aforementioned 2017 release. Brodsky was already playing with lightning speed as he bellowed out, “Feel the heat of a fire at your feet, Rising up, up one smoke ring at a time, In this life, we all get left behind, Someday it’s gonna work out fine.” His 1,000 mile stare burning through you as he sang the words. Cageao was next to him, smiling up a storm and eliciting the same response within the crowd. He flipped off Brodsky and paired it with a devilish grin. Koller is in back hamming it up as always, morphing his face into goofy positions and going completely bonkers on his drum set. He’s a madman, but a methodical one. All around the stage, there’s so many unbelievably awesome things happening that it overloads your attention, but this is why Mutoid Man shows never fail to blow your mind.

This early on, Mutoid Man’s set was already spinning out of control, and growing to be something that the Larimer Lounge just couldn’t contain. War Moans made its way into the spotlight again with songs like “Bone Chain,” “Micro Aggression,” “Date With the Devil,” and “Kiss of Death,” further putting the petal to the metal. In songs like these, the notes flail out at you with reckless abandon, not clumsily but with an overwhelming sense of purpose as each member brings them to life. Even at the tracklists’ most tame with the power ballad, “Bandages,” Mutoid Man were ready to hit you again with “Beast,” off their rager of an album, Bleeder. It goes to show that Mutoid Man are always waiting to attack you at your most vulnerable, like a silent killer waiting to grab you in the hush of night.

Though they were out in support of War Moans, Mutoid Man did not neglect their other love children, Helium Head and Bleeder, who both had a good number of appearances on the setlist. “Bridgeburner,” in particular, created a frenzy within the crowd, who were busy moshing, headbanging, and singing the night into oblivion. Also performed were “Reptilian Soul,” and a cover of “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” which further flamed an already fiery performance. In “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood,” Brodksy called out for a call-and-response sing along, featuring a series of falsettos that most crowds would butcher. But not this one. Even Brodsky cried out in utter shock, “Beautiful!,” afterwards. Mutoid Man make you feel like you are a part of the show, not just at it, and that is part of the reason why fans can’t get enough of them.

One of Helium Head‘s most powerful tracks, “Gnarcissist” signaled the end of their set, and the end to yet another killer Mutoid Man tour. As Brodsky sang, “I’m never gonna fall in love with myself,” we couldn’t help but fall in love even more with a band that has grown to become one of the best metal bands of our time. I’m convinced, now more than ever, that 2017 will go down in history as the year of the mutant. Relive Mutoid Man’s sold out show in the Mile High City, and check out our photos of their legendary performance.

Mutoid Man Photo Gallery

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