Night one in Denver started off the We Will Detonate! Tour with a bang, but the second night further upped the ante as Pierce The Veil, Sum 41, and Emarosa detonated The Ogden Theatre stage with their high-powered performances. These three’s never-ending passion and relentless spirits made for a night full of nostalgia and joy as the crowd rose together as one to celebrate an explosive start to the We Will Detonate! Tour. Dive into their killer performances!


Emarosa are unpredictable, especially lead Bradley Walden, who spends most of his time in the crowd. “I know we’re not Pierce The Veil, but right now you are going to act like we are,” he said jokingly. From the crowd rose a voice, “You said that last night!”. Someone totally called him out, which Bradley thought was funny as well as everyone else in the crowd. Though watching him in the crowd was fascinating, it compared nothing to when he windmilled ER White all the while he was playing his guitar. That really provided for a jaw-dropping moment, which is sure to stick in the minds of all who witnessed it. It’s rare to find a band that is this engaging, making their performance a true standout on an incredibly stacked ticket.

Sum 41

Everyone seems to love a comeback, even more so a sum-back. But Sum 41 are long past the point of getting back into the swing of things. With the release of 13 Voices, it’s clear that they are set on breaking that chain, especially after witnessing their live performance Saturday night in Denver. As always, they gave an all killer, no filler performance.

Opening up their set was the uncontrollable,”The Hell Song”, which rolled in fervently with that all too familiar riff. Suddenly we didn’t feel so insecure anymore as Deryck Whibley called out with conviction, “Part of me, won’t agree, Cause I don’t know if it’s for sure, Suddenly, suddenly, I don’t feel so insecure.” Following was Dave’s killer solo, which rang out with its aggressive-yet-warm tone; Merely one out of the many time’s we’d witness the thrashing power of Dave “Brownsound” Baksh. Meanwhile, Cone McCaslin is posted stage right with his hands up risen up towards the sky and his feet kicking out towards the crowd. Energy is buzzing from all corners of the stage, infecting the fans in front of them, who are also giving their all as they sing along with Deryck. Suddenly, you found yourself back where you belong with the Sum 41 family, reunited once again by a band that we’d all love until the bitter end.

Also played off Does This Look Infected? were “Over My Head (Better Off Dead)” and “Still Waiting”, which sent a wave of nostalgia over the crowd. Something about these songs is ever-so comforting, but also invigorating as you find yourself celebrating the past in a present that quite possibly could have never happened. For those who’ve stuck around with Sum 41 for 20 years through the ups and downs, it was the perfect way to shout out loud and clear how much they love them. Just when we were getting comfortable in 2002, “We’re All Too Blame” sent us two years ahead, giving us a brief but killer taste of their album Chuck. Dave later pulled us back into Chuck with that insane guitar solo off “The Bitter End”, which served as a unique interlude between songs. All of these moments provided for a memorable performance, but it wasn’t over just yet.

The true celebrations came when they played songs off All Killer, No Filler and 13 Voices, which featured not only the very beginning but also the current state of Sum 41. “In Too Deep” and “Motivation” elicited this intense feeling of excitement within the crowd. During “Motivation”, in particular, they released giant red and white balloons around the venue, which bounced around in the air from person to person; Two finding their demise as they made their way towards Deryck’s guitar. At the same time, blasts of fog were jetting up into the air, creating an all-around epic moment. Though it was phenomenal to see them rocking out to songs from earlier releases like All Killer, No Filler, there’s something special about 13 Voices in the live setting. During songs like “Fake My Own Death”, the energy they exhibited in the beginning of the set was amplified even further. There was a lot of tragedy that struck the band, but watching them ignite the stage after all they’ve been through makes for truly amazing and inspiring experience. Though they have a mountain of phenomenal releases beneath them, it’s Sum 41’s relentless attitude, in the end, that sets them apart.

Sadly leading us all to the exit song of the night, “Fat Lip”, which closed the curtain on their set perfectly. Everybody’s got their problems, but that night we had none as we sang along with Sum 41 for one last, glorious-yet-bittersweet time. Soon after, they left the stage to a hollering crowd that was already hungry for an encore. They make you feel something that’s real, and you just can’t help but long for more.

Pierce The Veil

For many in the crowd, this would be their second night seeing Pierce The Veil perform in Denver. But though they’ve already been to this show once before, you wouldn’t know it; Their excitement was just as high, if not more. As we were anxiously awaiting Pierce The Veil to take the stage, a demonic looking creature came out, menacingly hovering over a “bomb” that was harmlessly filled with confetti. Once he detonated it, the veil masking the stage dropped and Pierce The Veil finally emerged to a mass of squeals and screams.

Opening up their set was “Texas Is Forever”, which punched out fervently. Vic Fuentes stood at his mic triumphantly, emoting and flawlessly singing every word. He pointed out towards the crowd, causing the squeals and screams to grow louder to the point that it seemed they’d break the sound barrier. Tony Perry was next to him, causing a frenzy of his own as he brought life to those insanely addictive riffs. Jaime Preciado was already beaming and hamming it up as he jumped around stage with a seemingly endless amount of energy. The crowd, in turn, beamed brightly as they watched him perform. Behind them all, Mike Fuentes was sitting amongst a ticking time bomb, playing like his life depended on it. Even though their set was just getting started, it was clear that Pierce The Veil were set on detonating the Ogden Theatre with their high energy performance.

With this being their last night in Denver, it was obvious that they were intent on leaving a lasting impression as their energy continued to further amplify as their set went on. Some memorable moments came with “Dive In” and “Today I Saw The Whole World”, which are both off their beloved 2016 release, Misadventures. This new material really seemed to add further fire to their performance, providing for many sing-along moments from the crowd as well as many standout moments for Pierce The Veil. It was a very unique-yet-odd experience for me, a girl who grew up with albums like A Flair For The Dramatic and Selfish Machines, to witness. I remember singing songs like “Bulletproof Love” and “Chemical Kids and Mechanical Brides” at the top of my lungs. Crazy to see them come full circle right before your eyes as you watch both old and new Pierce The Veil fans come together as one to sing the anthems of their respective youths.

As their set was winding to a close, our misadventures with Pierce The Veil were coming to an end as one final explosion of confetti collided with the sky above us. Amongst a stage of props and mayhem, Pierce The Veil gave their all until the very last note, walking off the stage to a combustion of applause and roars after giving a wondrous and bulletproof performance.

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