Half of the “Big Four” and thrash metal legends, Slayer and Anthrax, took over Indianapolis this Monday along with powerhouses Death Angel. An energy like no other filled the entire Egyptian Room Ballroom as thrash metal fans united and raised together to celebrate the music that they hold so dear. Amongst the crowd that night, it became perfectly clear that thrash metal is not just alive and well, but continuing to thrash its way into the hearts of millions. Check out the photos from each set, in order of appearance.

Death Angel

Death Angel have the ability to elicit excitement within any crowd due to their infectious energy and passion for performing. More often than not you go to a concert and there is one crazy band member giving it their all to the crowd. He’s bending backwards, playing his guitar in all kinds of crazy positions, and reaching out to the crowd. With Death Angel, there’s not one or two members who embody what it means to be a performer, there are five. A liveliness like no other exists within this band. At first, it’s a lot to take in, but the sensory overload that is Death Angel creates a fun and unforgettable experience. They make sure you remember them and no ounce of energy goes unspent.


The ‘Repentless World Tour’ has not one thrash legend in attendance, but two, making it an experience for the ages. Joey Belladonna walked out on stage already eyeing the crowd intensely while bobbing his head in acceptance of the love and energy they were receiving. A vibrant green light immersed the stage, almost to say “go” and they hit the petal to the metal. Belladonna’s howls reverberated throughout the Egyptian Room along with the hundreds of people signing along with him. Jonathon Donais was feeling it as he bent his head back, closed his eyes, and swayed his head side to side. He found himself lost in each and every song. Frank Bello, bassist, Scott Ian, guitarist, and Charlie Benante, drummer, played with a catching enthusiasm that made it impossible to tell that they had been playing these songs for years and years apart from the experience they exhibited. Anthrax and Slayer are proof to the saying that age is just a number, because to this day, they continue to thrash just as hard as they did early on in their career.


A pure white sheet rose to cover a stage that soon would be laid to waste by the legends of thrash. Later that very same cover would be painted by bright red pentagrams and crosses that continued to spin until they eventually found themselves upside down. The lost, unholy souls in the crowd raised their hands high and screams of “Slayyyyeeerrrr!” filled the air. Seconds after, the cover dropped to reveal Slayer thrashing across the stage ignited by floods of light. “Repentless” radiated throughout the venue as Tom Araya’s gritty tone hit the atmosphere with the power of a sonic boom and his bass trembled the Earth below our feet. Kerry King and Gary Holt further amplified the experience as they pummeled the guitar vigorously on each side of Araya. In the back, Paul Bostaph hit the double bass hard, much to true Slayer form, amongst a glow in the dark backdrop, and the epitome of power that is Slayer was complete.