When it was announced that Rise Against would be headed out on a co-headlining tour with Deftones this summer along with support from Thrice and Frank Iero and the Patience, it created a frenzy, and rightfully so. On Friday night, each band took the Pepsi Center stage in Denver, and gave their very all to the fans that came out in hordes to support them. An insurmountable amount of energy radiated throughout every nook and cranny of the massive arena, transforming a booming sports complex into something else entirely.

As this stacked ticket set the house on fire, the bands managed to reach every single individual, both in the stands and on the floor that night, with inclusive performances that not only extended outward, but also charged within. On the stage, hearts and wires came together to create a meaningful experience that would write itself warmly in the memories of many. Check out our photos of their full-force performances, and relive this unyielding and insuppressible ticket’s fiery stop in the Mile High City.

Frank Iero and the Patience



Some things are just too good to exist, and one of those things is Deftones. When you see them live, it’s an even more surreal of an experience as they seemingly beam down onto the stage in front of you. A bright, white aura illuminates them as seizure-inducing light sequences dance rapidly over the crowd. Then “Headup” off Around The Fur bursts out, shaking you to the very core, and you can’t help but lose it. On Friday night, this is exactly what happened as Deftones unhinged amongst the Pepsi Center stage in Denver, and transported us into their maniacally unforgiving world.

Already off to an unbelievable start, “My Own Summer (Shove It),” followed, celebrating Deftones highly-acclaimed 1997 release further. You could feel the atmosphere buzz as mood-filled songs like these created not only a sonically-impressive moment for Deftones, but also a visceral experience for all that were in attendance that night. Providing for another standout moment was “Swerve City,” which travelled through the crowd, entrancing all in its presence.

On stage, Stephen Carpenter is proving to be less of a guitarist and more of a wizard as he becomes lost in the music. Chino Moreno proved to be a whole other beast of a performer as he broke down across the stage, unhindered and completely driven by emotion. His delivery of each track is as you would hear it on record, full of just as much feeling and intention. On the other side of the stage, Sergio Vega plays with his eyes closed; Completely lost in the moment. Deftones are successful as a result of their talent and experience, but their unmatched, mystical presence and never-ending energy is what makes them so impossible to ignore.

Though their set was enhanced majorly by songs, such as “Elite,” “Knife Prty,” “Back To School – Mini Maggit” off their earlier releases, like White Pony, Goreone of our top albums of 2016–added something undeniably special with a few appearances, like “Phantom Bride.” I, for one, couldn’t be happier that they didn’t just take the most expected route by choosing their most listened and played tracks, like “Prayers / Triangles.” “Phantom Bride” provided the perfect look into Deftones as it stands currently, and it really fit in well with the overall tone of the entire set, which was just as merciless as it was vulnerable.

Perfectly closing the curtain on their set was “Teething” from Deftones epic appearance in The Crow: City of Angels, which pushed the petal to the metal and really forced the room off their feet. Deftones set began with chaos, and ended with even more chaos as they brought down the house and left a hole in the Earth where the Pepsi Center used to stand. As aforementioned, it was one of those performances you couldn’t help but be in awe of, and even more so, one you couldn’t believe exists. Deftones shows, are hands down, the pinnacle of live performances, and their show in Denver Friday night only further solidified their stake to that claim.

Rise Against

With new material and a fresh perspective, Rise Against ran out enthusiastically onto the Pepsi Center stage, not taking a single breath before they broke into the all-too-familiar and energy-boosting, “Ready To Fall,” off their 2006 release The Suffer & The Witness. It welcomed us like an old friend, filling the arena with warm memories and feeling nonetheless moving as it did when we first heard it years ago. Following and continuing to set the tone for the night was one of the many hit tracks off Appeal to Reason, “Re-Education (Through Labor),” which drove in feverishly, causing the crowd in front of them to toss and turn endlessly until the song’s explosive end.

On stage, Joe Principe is beaming back out at them, clearly having just as much fun as everyone else around him. Meanwhile, Tim McIlrath is belting passionately all the while shredding away with Zach Blair, who is jumping and kicking around the stage like a madman. In the back, but certainly not forgotten is Brandon Barnes, who’s ardently drumming the night away. All members are clearly having the time of their lives as they gave it all on this grand arena stage, and used their new platform to play their songs that not only insight change, but also inspire and uplift many.

We find ourselves, much to our delight, back in the late 2000’s with “The Good Left Undone.” This track injected the crowd, as well as Rise Against, with even more adrenaline. It was here that the show picked up as they displayed yet another successful track in their career. Moments like these are were Rise Against really swing for the fences. The first three songs showed off Rise Against at some off the biggest pinnacles in their career, but they certainly have not lost any steam. With their latest release Wolves, Rise Against have added another solid release into their repertoire, and it is even more potent live with songs like “The Violence,” “Wolves,” and “Welcome To The Breakdown,” boosting an already exhilarating setlist. “The Violence,” in particular, followed some of Rise Against’s most beloved and celebrated releases, but entered just as strong.

Wolves may be a new release, but its outings don’t back down, especially in the live setting. The most exciting thing, however, is the fact that they flawlessly fit in with their previous work. It was almost as if they had been there for years. What was even more exciting is that Rise Against performed them with the same amount of care as they did with those that came before them. With new songs like these, Rise Against took something great and elevated it even further, but the night was full of more surprises…

The biggest surprise being that they played “Give It All,” and it was in this moment that the show took off like fireworks thanks to their highly-memorable song from 2004’s Siren Song of the Counter-Culture; An album that changed a generation for the better. It’s awesome to know that one of the shortest songs in the set can leave such a lasting impression. Another surprise came during the double encore when Rise Against performed “Prayer of the Refugee” and “Savior” consecutively; Giving us two final moments with a band that have been a huge part of our lives. Rise Against have risen against the odds to become one of the best bands of our time. After they lit up Denver like lanterns in the dark, it comes as no surprise as to why.

Deftones and Rise Against’s Summer Co-Headline Tour was deemed to be one of our top tours you don’t want to miss this summer, and for good reason. If you’ve already been out to a date, share your thoughts on their performances with us in the comments. If you haven’t, you can still catch them live through July 9th at one of the dates here!