On Monday night, famed rockers Scorpions made their way through Colorado along with metal legends Megadeth. Fans came out in massive numbers to show their continued, unwavering support for two bands, who’s careers combined have withstood and lasted 80 years and some change. Since the 80’s, Megadeth have been solidifying their place in “The Big 4” as a tour de force in the metal world. Even more impressively, Scorpions have been building up momentum and steam since the 60’s, rising even more today as one of the most influential heavy metal groups ever to be formed. Though they’ve both been around for quite some time and played hits for their fans more times than they surely can count, Scorpions and Megadeth performed with a passion that has clearly never died off since day one. Check out our photos from their magnetizing sets, and relive the night these two influential names rocked Broomfield’s 1stBank Center like a hurricane.


There are few things you can trust in this world, and Megadeth putting on a phenomenal show is one of them. That became no exception the other night as they took the stage in Broomfield, CO. Dirk Verbeuren arrived first and took his rightful place behind his set, surrounded in front and back by beaming screens that proudly displayed “Megadeth” across them. He rose his hands and sticks up in the air, causing the anticipation in the crowd to grow thick as they waited for him to reign fury down upon his drums. Bursts of fog erupted around him as “Hangar 18,” a track that has obtained supreme status as one of the most beloved Megadeth tracks ever to be released, incited all hell to break lose. The crowd became alive as Dave MustaineDavid Ellefson, and Kiko Loureiro emerged onto stage, already shredding away amongst glaring rays of light.

Though they were more than happy to perform tracks from their earlier days and previously released records, like “Take No Prisoners,” “Tornado Of Souls,” “Sweating Bullets,” “Trust,” and “Symphony of Destruction,” Megadeth also brought the aura of dystopia to Colorado’s 1stBank Center with their 2015 release. Their newer tracks, like “Dystopia” and “The Threat Is Real,” fit in marvelously with the setlist and added even more potency and mad energy to their performance. Mustaine’s mighty growls dominated the airspace and solos ran wild throughout their time on stage, showing off a technically sound but also a ravenous and emotionally-driven Megadeth. Not wasting a single minute, they unleashed everything they had upon us that night, hitting us again and again with their symphony of destruction.

Closing out the night was the one-two punch of “Peace Sells,” which had a solid sing along from the crowd as always, and “Holy Wars… The Punishment Due,” another favorite off 1990’s Rust In Peace. These two, in particular, had the crowd really going, with heads ferociously banging everywhere you looked and fans thrashing until the very end. It was a fitting close to an adrenaline-inducing and invigorating set that was heavy and powerful enough to wake the dead. Up next was Scorpions, but Megadeth, an authority of their own, set the stakes high and left the stage to a still raging crowd that let their praise and respect be known loud and clear.


The winds shifted following Megadeth as the stage became set for Scorpions, who were intent on making a grand entrance. Cloaked by a tapestry marked with a Crazy World Tour image, the ongoings behind the stage remained a mystery. Until it dropped, and revealed a foggy stage illuminated by a screen displaying a helicopter moving throughout stormy territory. As soon as the ominous clip ended, everything brightened as the Scorpions enthusiastically burst out onto the stage. Klaus MeineRudolf SchenkerMatthias JabsMikkey Dee, and Paweł Mąciwoda entered all visibly excited to perform, creating this wave of infectious energy that spread throughout the venue. Already, you knew that this was going to be a performance like no other.

Scorpions kicked things off fittingly with “Going out with a Bang” off their 2015 release Return to Forever. Klaus was already grooving along to the beat as Rudolf called out to their fans with a cheeky expression on his face. Over the course of the night, he would vigorously run around the stage, even making his way down the runway that found its way out into the middle of the crowd. Eventually, though, every member would make the same trek down that walkway, coming as twos on occasion to rock out together. Though they began with their most recent release, Scorpions wasted no time getting back into some older material with two songs off 1980’s Animal Magnetism, “Make It Real” and “The Zoo.” During “The Zoo,” Klaus threw out some drumsticks to some lucky fans as he hit the cowbell. As he did so, Matthias really stole the show on his talkbox. From the get go, Scorpions were set on making all our dreams come true with an unbelievable start to their performance.

Much like Megadeth, Scorpions paid a great deal of homage to their roots and earlier albums with songs like “Coast To Coast,” “Blackout,” “Big City Nights,” and “Wind Of Change,” but they made a return to Return to Forever with “We Built This House” and “Rock ‘n’ Roll Band.” They even played “Delicate Dance,” which provided for a magical and stunning moment in the set. One of their most shining moments, however, was their cover of Motörhead’s “Overkill,” a tribute to Lemmy that featured a passionate and moving drum solo from Mikkey. It raised a lot of whistles and hollers from the crowd, and rightfully so. The songs within the setlist were formed in such a way that visibly meant something to Scorpions, but also to the fans. That love and care could be felt throughout the entire arena, making it not only one of the best shows of the year thus far, but also one of the most inspiring.

Sending the night off with a bang thanks to a triple encore of fan favorites, “No One Like You,” “Still Loving You,” and “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” Scorpions closed the curtain on their show to an arena on its feet. For many in the crowd, hearing the Scorpions for the first time was love at first sting, and their presence only further kindled that love. In the end, they rocked Colorado like a hurricane, but left it sunnier after putting on an uplifting, thrilling show we’d all surely remember.

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