At the Summit Music Hall in Denver, Senses Fail were about to take the stage and serve up a strong dose of nostalgia by taking us back to 2006 with their monumental release Still Searching. Last night, we sang along to the anthems of our youth while celebrating 15 years of a band that inspired a generation. Also coming along to celebrate with Senses Fail were Counterparts, Movements, and Like Pacific, who all added further weight to a tour that already meant so much to many.

Before Senses Fail took the stage, the venue was already setting the mood for the night with songs like “A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White” and “The Taste Of Ink”, taking us all back to the early-mid 2000’s. While we lamented on days prior, the stage was being set for a night that not only celebrated the past with Still Searching, but also the future with 15 years of Senses Fail. Finally the anticipation was over as each member burst out from side stage with their arms triumphantly raised in the air. The all too familiar “The Rapture” rang out, giving us all that same feeling we had when we first heard it years ago. In that moment, we were all taken straight back to 2006 when we feverishly ripped the shrink wrap off our Still Searching CD and popped it into our CD players, hopelessly awaiting for that first track to play. Crazy how though so much has changed, during their set, it felt like nothing had changed at all. Buddy was still singing with the same emotion as he did when he first recorded it, and we were still those crazy kids that went berserk over Senses Fail. Time holds no bounds on what they do, and that became very clear as the night went on.

“The Rapture” flowed flawlessly into “Bonecrusher”, which ripped out into the venue with a vengeance. Behind me, the crowd was going absolutely ballistic and singing along with Buddy, “Drink up, drink up, Drink up the loneliness”. The energy from all ends of the venue was electric, causing the room to buzz intensely with excitement. Upon the stage, gloriously stood the members of Senses Fail, who gave the crowd their all over the course of the set. As each and every song off Still Searching rang out into the venue, the energy ramped up just a little more than before, leading up to the final moment when everything exploded during the iconic “Bite to Break Skin” off Let It Enfold You. By the end of it all, Senses Fail tore down the house, leaving nothing left but a crowd full of lifted spirits. Their concert in the Mile High City came to an end as they headed out to begin another in Salt Lake City, but they left us with something we’ll always remember.

It was clear from the energy in the crowd that Still Searching is an album that had a profound impact on their lives. And it was also clear from the get go that it meant a ton to Senses Fail, especially Buddy, who mentioned on stage that he wrote these songs during a time when he was suicidal, battling depression and alcoholism, all the while discovering his sexuality. Everything he’s had to overcome over the years is unbelievable. To watch him unleash on stage like he does to a record that provided light to him, as well as many others, during a darker time is beautiful to witness. This tour may have been announced as a celebration of 15 years of Senses Fail, but over the course of the night, it became more clear that this was a celebration of life. Check out their historic performance below.

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