Spring and pop punk fever infected Denver last night as State Champs, Against The Current, With Confidence, and Don Broco dominated the Summit Music Hall stage, sending the crowd into a raging frenzy. As one of the most eclectic tickets, State Champs headlining tour is bound to please even the toughest of critics. Read why this tour gets a perfect score, and check out our photos of their high energy performances.

Don Broco

With an electric energy and bold personality, Don Broco’s live show proves why they captured the hearts of so many in such a short period of time. With its heart rooted in a many different genres from pop to rock, their music not only fills the room, but also sets it on fire. From the very first line of “Everybody,” the venue came to life as that undeniably infectious melody came bursting in with its unstoppable attitude. Each and every member–as well as the crowd–were off their feet. Following, Rob Damiani started to talk about their band name, and how a lot of people call them Don Bronco. It provided some laughs as he said that they and Denver have something in common. Also providing a breakout moment was “Nerve” off their dynamic and highly regarded release Automatic. It may have stripped things down slightly, but it still pulled you in with its gentle power. You can’t help but be in awe of their presence and their live performance that is sure to invigorate your soul and ignite your mind. Trust me, you wanna know Don Broco.

With Confidence

With Confidence performed, as their name would suggest, with a lot of confidence. After all, there’s no reason they shouldn’t be confident. Their 2016 release, Better Weather, skyrocketed them to new heights, and rightfully so. Fittingly, they opened up the night with “Voldemort,” which had everyone in the crowd longing for summer and enthusiastically singing along. There’s something so upbeat and positive about their presence, eliciting this feeling of calm within you as the music wraps its loving arms around you and Jayden Seeley ardently sings, “You won’t do this alone.” Also played off Better Weather were “Archers,” “Keeper,” and “We’ll Be Okay,” further displaying their immense passion and persistence to stand out in a sea of up-and-coming pop punk bands. Their emotional pleas in songs like “Godzilla,” in particular, resonated through, giving their performance even greater of an everlasting impression and heartfelt expression.

Against The Current

One thing’s clear, Against The Current are young and relentless. Though they stripped things down, they created an entirely new atmosphere of their own, making it just as powerful as the performances that preceded and followed. Over the course of their set, we’d find ourselves chasing ghosts and running with the wild things as they transported us into a magical wonderland with their enchanting performance. Chrissy Costanza defied gravity as she allowed her body to fall towards the ground all the while singing; Her voice breaking the atmosphere as it belted out powerfully, endlessly ringing out into the night sky. Drenched in mood and emotion, Against The Current’s set stood out uniquely due to their tender, yet explosive, approach, allowing them to stand out brightly and uniquely on an extremely stacked ticket.

State Champs

State Champs have been around the world and back, breaking new ground and staking their flag all around the globe with their highly addictive and emotionally stirring sound. It’s clear that these Albany, NY hometown heroes have their eyes set on a grander title, especially after witnessing their trophy-winning performance last night in Denver. It was then that I saw their competitive spirit and “give it all you got” attitude come out as they gave their fans a performance that was sure to further elevate their already successful career.

As the lights dimmed, it was clear that the crowd was ready for State Champs. Out they jolted from side stage to a crazy amount of squeals and screams with their hands up in the air, brightly smiling in the dark. Their spirited anthem,”Remedy,” kicked off their set, sending the Summit Music Hall into a raging pop punk frenzy. As it ferociously punched out into our ears, Derek Discanio assertively called out, “We played through the scenes, Called it a remedy, You can take care of me, But you know nothing about me.” His vocal chords drenched in emotion, and his gritty tone aggressively delivering the lyric of the track. Squeals were already growing louder, and smiles were growing wider as he moved towards the edge of the stage. Already off to a crazy start, it was obvious that State Champs were here to give us an all or nothing performance.

The crowd further lost themselves as “Losing Myself” happily bounced out into the venue, creating an atmosphere of energy with its upbeat personality. Derek Discanio confidently bounced around from one end of the stage to the other, while pointing out towards the crowd and singing passionately. On his left, Tony Diaz is beaming, jiving along to every beat of the song. On his other side, Ryan Scott Graham is spinning around with his bass and Tyler Szalkowski is trying his best to stay out of his way all the while playing the guitar with immense heart. Behind them all, Evan Ambrosio is fiercely drumming and pouring all his energy into every beat of the drum. All around, State Champ’s members are pouring their soul into each and every song. In turn, their fans are taking that energy and giving it back to them and then some as they sing out loud and bounce up and down; Their voices audible over the music blasting over us, and their feet shaking the ground beneath us. To say the atmosphere was electric is an understatement. One thing is for sure, State Champs elevated the Summit Music Hall last night, especially during songs like “Losing Myself.”

Though they played a good chunk of songs of their most recent release, Around the World and Back, they still paid much homage to where they came from. Songs like, “Hard to Please” and “Simple Existence” were played off The Finer Things, eliciting extreme excitement within their fans. It was clear that this is a record that is held near and dear to their hearts, but everything they played received much love from those that came out to see them. It also provided a look into just how much State Champs have grown over the years with each and every record quickly propelling their career. Like I said, they’ve been around the world and back, and it comes as no surprise seeing how much energy these guys put into everything they do.

As the night began to wind down, State Champs were intent on keeping the energy going with one final encore that sent their set off with a bang. When it was all said and done, they left the stage to a roaring applause as the crowd continued on cheering for their favorite band; Leaving as the reigning state champs in Denver, and off to hit it out of the park again in Salt Lake City.

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