Taking Back Sunday‘s sold out show in Denver with Every Time I Die and All Get Out was the place you wanted to be last night. This highly-anticipated tour and stacked ticket rolled through the Mile High City’s Summit Music Hall like a tidal wave, and washed it over with a mixture of joy and nostalgia. Already deemed to be one of the top Summer tours you don’t want to miss, these three had their work cut out for them, but their larger-than-life performances exceeded all of our expectations with ease. Plus, there’s no better way to send off Summer than to kick it with Taking Back Sunday, Every Time I Die, and All Get Out. These photographs are proof of the awesomeness that ensued over the course of the night, so make sure you check them out!

All Get Out

Every Time I Die

For a band who’s been doing this as Keith Buckley stated, “for 18 years,” Every Time I Die have remained criminally underrated in my book; However you can’t discount the fact that, over the years, they’ve gained one of the most loyal fanbases. No matter the occasion, ETIDiots are lined out the door and ready to wreak havoc on whatever unsuspecting venue they happen to be playing that night; That was no exception this go around. As they hit the stage at the Summit Music Hall, they took the energy in the room and cranked it up to a 100. Everywhere you looked on the stage and in the crowd, chaos thrived as they opened up their set with “We’rewolf,” and flipped our world upside down.

In the moments that followed, Every Time I Die would continue to make us feel so alive, getting the blood pumping further with tracks like, “Apocalypse Now and Then,” “Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space,” and “The New Black.” It was during these tracks that their dirty and gritty sound and the reckless abandon with which they perform really shined, but songs off Low Teens, like “It Remembers,” “Map Change,” and “Fear and Trembling,” took their set up to a whole new level, much like it did at the sold out Denver date of their Low Teens Tour. With performances like these, Every Time I Die set the bar for live shows, making it really hard to enjoy anything else. Luckily, these violent gentlemen aren’t going anywhere, and neither are we. As always, we may be decayin’, but with Every Time I Die, we are having the time of our life while doing it.

Taking Back Sunday

Taking Back Sunday are one of those bands you can’t help but reminisce about, especially if you grew up, like me, in the early 2000’s when iconic albums like Tell All Your Friends and Where You Want To Be released. With that power of nostalgia paired with their ever-growing relevancy over the years, Taking Back Sunday have remained a formidable force that’s respected and coveted by many. Their recent 2016 release Tidal Wave has not only kept their momentum going, but also further solidified their place as one of the most memorable and consistent bands to rise out of the booming emo era. Few bands have made it out of that time alive, but Taking Back Sunday, not much to our surprise, have. Their show last night proved that and then some as they performed to a sold out house of fans that have spent over a decade under their influence.

They kicked off the night with their current release, Tidal Wave, choosing “Tidal Wave” as their opening track. The energy of the room instantly picked up as its infectious and upbeat sound filled the venue. If that wasn’t enough cause for excitement, cannons shot out confetti over the crowd. Smiling faces marveled in the moment as the confetti danced in the air. From the get go, Taking Back Sunday were bringing truth to the saying, “There’s No ‘I’ in Team,” as each member ardently performed across the stage. Adam Lazzara, in particular, was having the time of his life with his bandmates as he jived along to the beat. The aftermath of the confetti explosion settled; Adorning the stage and floor, but more surprises would arise over the course of their set.

We were then taken back to 2002 with “You Know How I Do,” off Tell All Your Friends, which had the crowd singing along. For me, it brought back warm memories of the first time I heard the song. Time may have passed by, but it’s still as anthemic as ever. The remainder of their set would feature of blend of the past and the present. There’s something powerful about the familiarity of legendary records from the beginning to Louder Now in the live setting, but every step of Taking Back Sunday’s career has offered something new for fans to hold dear. Though relatively new, Tidal Wave continued to amplify their setlist with songs like “You Can’t Look Back,” “Call Come Running,” and “Death Wolf.” But though they showed off their latest creation, they didn’t neglect their previous works at all. Rather, they celebrated them in full.

The bulk of the songs they played were pulled from the remainder of their discography with most being released in the year 2007 and prior. The only songs played after those years were “Flicker, Fade” “Better Homes and Gardens,” and their cover of Green Day’s “She.” Louder Now made a strong showing with three fan-favorites: “What’s It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?,” “Liar (It Takes One to Know One),” and their final encore “MakeDamnSure.” More songs were also played off Tell All Your Friends, like “Timberwolves At New Jersey,” “You’re So Last Summer,” and “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team).” Rounding out the list, were a couple tracks off Where You Want To Be, “Number Five with a Bullet” “Set Phasers To Stun,” and “A Decade Under the Influence,” and one outing from New Again, “Everything Must Go”; All of which were integral moments in Taking Back Sunday’s career. Every single person in the venue sang these songs, in particular, at the very top of their lungs.

When you start to look at all of those song titles, you can’t help but be in awe of how influential Taking Back Sunday have been over the years. Hearing them all in succession is even more mind-boggling as you are taken through the career of a band that has so heavily affected a generation. As they ended the night fittingly with “MakeDamnSure,” we started shaking at the thought that the show was soon going to come to an end. But we left that night smiling and feeling oh so damn cool thanks to yet another high-energy performance from Taking Back Sunday. Tell all your friends, this is hands down a tour you don’t want to miss.

Were you at Taking Back Sunday’s sold out show with Every Time I Die and All Get Out in Denver last night? Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments!