Three passionate and inspirational forces, The Amity Affliction, Being As An Ocean, and Hundredth, took the stage tonight in Indianapolis. What was experienced over the course of those next few hours was not your typical concert. A positive energy filled the empty space of the room, making the experience less of a show and more of a connection. It was almost as if you you knew the bands and were sharing this one, giant moment with them. Tonight, there was no such thing as a barrier between the band and the crowd as I watched them morph into one. It was a true reminder of just how important it is that we break the divide and come together.

The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction are one of those bands that stands the test of time. There’s a nostalgic factor that comes along with seeing them live, but it’s also like you are seeing them for the first time every single time. Bassist and singer Ahren Stringer and screamer Joe Birch jumped around stage with what seemed to be a never-ending energy. The energy from the crowd was also unstoppable as crowd surfer after crowd surfer poured over the barrier like a crash of waves. Amity as expected are on tour partially to support their most recent album release, This Could Be Heartbreak, but they didn’t neglect their past discography. “Open Letter” was a highlight of the night, which brought back nothing but good memories for anyone who have stuck with Amity from the beginning. At least, it did for me. When you see them live, you just know they are going to kill it.

Being As An Ocean

Being As An Ocean proved early on that there is no such thing as a barrier between a band and their fans, literally. In Joel Quartuccio’s world, the entire venue is his stage. One minute he’s here, the next he’s there. Blink and he is probably already singing along with the other side of the crowd. Let me rephrase, some may define what he does as singing, but to me he does more than just sing, he has a conversation. Being As An Ocean have a gentle yet colossal sound that is drenched in emotion. The mood of their music is further amplified by their ambient stage lighting, brooding atmosphere, and heartfelt performance. Seeing Being As An Ocean live is a cathartic experience, one that’s felt and not easily forgotten.


Chadwick Johnson is a mad man and I mean that as a compliment. He beelines from one spot to the other, setting a whole new bar for what it means to be an energetic performer. Hundredth warrant every ounce of your attention with their commanding stage presence. Most importantly, you can tell their heart is in everything they do, especially when you see them live.

Make sure you check out the remaining dates of The Amity Affliction’s headlining tour with Being As An Ocean, Hundredth, and more. It’s a tour that is overflowing with positive energy and full of bands who give their fans their all. Already been to a date of the tour? Share your experiences with us in the comments!