The Maine set the mood last night at the Summit Music Hall in Denver, CO as they took the stage for the first night of the Lovely Little Lonely US Tour. What was witnessed over the course of their set was both sensual and alluring, causing screams and wails of admiration to rise from all corners of the venue. There are few bands out there that can give their fans an intimate experience amongst a grand stage, but The Maine manage to break all barriers with their immersive and heartfelt performance.

Something first has to be said about the production quality of their shows. There’s something so unique about the way they set the stage, almost like it’s straight out of a hopeless romantic’s dream. Pink flowers adorn their equipment, adding in a pop of color. Behind them, a starry yet cloudy night softly illuminates the stage. The atmosphere they created made it feel less like a concert, and more like you were in one of their music videos. You were taking part in a moment that was just as visually stunning as it was audibly pleasing.

Kicking off the set was one of their most recent single releases, “Black Butterflies and Déjà Vu”, which sent the crowd into a frenzy along with The Maine who were performing with a passion and intensity that further infected those around them. John O’Callaghan swung his hips and the mic stand while singing up tenderly-yet-powerfully towards the night sky, “I lose my voice when I look at you, Can’t make a noise though I’m trying to tell you all the right words, Waiting on the right words”. Something about his stage presence pulls you in, especially when he throws one of those bright smiles your way. Along with him, Garrett Nickelsen is spinning around with his bass and absolutely seizing the moment. Their excitement to get out and perform for their fans resonated through from the get go, and they started off the first night of tour with an incomparable energy and raging passion that could not only be heard throughout their performance, but also felt.

Throughout their set, they played a killer mix of their discography, showcasing the entire evolution of the band. They played “English Girls”, “Am I Pretty?”, and “(Un)lost”, which are all from their beloved release American Candy.  Though they paid a lot of homage to where they are currently, they also played a lot of songs that celebrate their beginnings, like “We All Roll Along” and “Girls Do What They Want”. The setlist overall was put together in a way that both new and old fans could appreciate. There was at least one song featured off every album they’ve ever released, which was rare to be a part of. Each song performed over the course of the night was handled by The Maine with care and love as they showed great appreciation for not only where they came from but also where they are today.

This tour may be lovely, but it’s definitely not little. And one things for sure, it will never leave you feeling lonely despite what its name might tell you. The Maine are a band you can’t help but indulge in, and their performance in Denver last night was something you can’t stop, won’t stop talking about for days. Celebrate the first day of the Lovely Little Lonely US Tour by witnessing their sincere and spirited performance below.

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The Maine

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