Last night, Denver’s Fillmore Auditorium caught fire with kinetic performances from The Used and Glassjaw. With their Fall United States Tour just under way–only performing thus far at The Masonic and Palladium in California–they rushed the stage full of energy and visibly eager to play for their anxiously awaiting fans. As the show unfolded, all in the venue would come together to share in the human experience while emotionally connecting through music and stories of life.

Glassjaw opened the show with a frantic, yet composed, energy. Appearing at first as shadows, they remained hidden in the dark only to become illuminated every so often by bursts of sporadic light. Coming out with the enraged, “You Think You’re (John Fucking Lennon),” Daryl Palumbo paraded across the stage like a banshee as he threw every ounce of emotion into his screams. Each member’s presence and energy came together as one, creating a synergy that ignited the crowd. They continued to give a raw and expressive performance within tracks like “Tip Your Bartender” and “Mu Empire.” With an incredible setlist and an exhilarating outing, Glassjaw proved even further why they are one of the most influential and best post-hardcore bands around.

The Used were up next and were already busy setting the stage with the element of surprise. A curtain, which would later become adorned by The Canyon‘s artwork, rose through its center. In front of it, Bert McCracken‘s mic stand stood still–for now. With anticipation already buzzing throughout the venue, all of these extra additions made it that much more impossible to bear. Just when you thought you couldn’t take the suspense any more, the lights dimmed and Bert arrived in front of us, raising his arms and gesturing like a maestro. His shadow projected onto the curtain and motioned with him. Justin Shekoski, Jeph Howard, and Dan Whitesides shadows surrounded him silently waiting, and then the curtain dropped revealing them all performing along to “Take It Away.”

Already off to an explosive start, The Used moved confidently across the stage as fans chanted out passionately, “Take take take take take take it away,” along with them. Getting started with a track off In Love and Death, the nostalgia hit us all hard almost–if not as much–as it did last year celebrating 15 years of The Used. This year will mark something else very special, the release of The Canyon. Bert stated that they wish they could play all of the songs off their new record, and who’s to blame him. As one of the most personal and emotional creations they’ve ever released to date, it is something that really connects on a deeper level. Hearing it in the live setting Monday night really put that into perspective with songs, like “About You (No Songs Left to Sing)” (A track Bert said is about Kurt Cobain), “Over And Over Again,” and “Rise Up Lights,” all being performed. Though there was an emphasis on The Canyon, many chapters of The Used were told with songs, like “A Box Full of Sharp Objects,” “The Taste of Ink,” “Listening,” “The Bird And The Worm,” and “Pretty Handsome Awkward.”

Over the course of the set, many memories were made. Bert invited two kids on stage that would get to spend the remainder of the show there with him. Witnessing their excitement and shock as Bert interacted with them was infectious. The connection the fans–both young and old–have with them, and vice versa, is one of the most beautiful things to witness. That was the first of many barriers that would be broken that night as The Used unleashed within tracks, such as “I’m A Fake.” During that song, in particular, the music went silent as the crowd and Bert recited the opening lyrics together. After its last note, The Used left the stage briefly, but returned again to a room hollering for an encore. They ended the night off with “Maybe Memories,” and left the stage after giving a show that many of us were sure to play in our minds over and over again.

The Used Fall United States Tour 2017 Photo Gallery

The Used


Were you at The Used’s show in Denver with Glassjaw? Share your favorite moments with us in the comments! If you have yet to see them live, you can catch them at one of their remaining tour dates here!