Few bands made it out of the late 2000’s without surpassing what I call the nostalgic factor. But Underoath, without surprise, did. There’s something about them that is unforgettable, making them resistant to the power of time. Here I was a ten year fan, standing in a sea of the young and aspiring, who were about to see them live for the first time. I saw the look on their faces when they started playing, and it took me straight back to 2006 when I first stood in the presence of Underoath completely in awe of what I was witnessing. Not much has changed from then to now as they, like always, stole the show last night in Denver with their ever so inviting performance.

As bursts of white light flooded the stage, cheers of Underoath flooded our ears. The anticipation could be felt in the room, but was soon broken by the meteoric “Everyone Looks So Good From Here”, which roared out with a vengeance along with Spencer’s guttural growls, “I have put myself here, I’m the culprit, I am the culprit”. In that moment, everything else is forgotten as you find yourself completely immersed in what is happening in front of you. Spencer is spinning across the stage, mad with passion and full of energy as he screams at the top of his lungs. Behind him, Aaron is matching his energy and transferring it into the drums all the while making those crazy faces we’ve all come to love. Each member performing with the same fire they had when I first saw them in 2006 if not more. Those crawling breakdowns are absolutely insane live, resonating through you with their brutish power. Their set was just getting started, and it wasn’t about to slow down anytime soon.

“In Regards to Myself”, also off Define The Great Line, followed, further ramping up the intensity. This time around we got to hear the dynamic duo of Aaron and Spencer shining through. The fierce screams of Spencer mixed flawlessly with the melancholic grace of Aaron’s vocals, creating a beautiful and incomparable juxtaposition. The most chilling part, however, was that sing along part that always occurs in “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”. The entire venue rose up singing as one, “Drowning in my sleep, I’m drowning in my sleep”. Though many in the crowd raised their hands when Spencer called out, “Who’s seeing us for the first time?”, they still knew every single word. There also has to be something said about Chris’ presence on the keys and synth. He pours so much emotion into what he does, and at one point he laid his head down completely undertaken by the weight of the song. Over time, Underoath’s shows have stuck in my mind not only because of the intensity that is exhibited, but also the eeriness that consumes you as Aaron sings during those haunting, more subtle moments like in “A Boy Brushed Red Living In Black And White”. It’s an all inclusive and mind-boggling experience that you will never forget.

The writings on the wall, Underoath will go down in history as a band that not only influenced, but changed a generation, regardless of if they continue to make music or not. Their live performance last night brought new and old fans together for one very reveling experience; A moment suspended in time that will be cherished forever by all who were in attendance. Check out their high intensity performance below.

Who’s seen Underoath out on The American Nightmare Tour? Share your favorite moments of their set with us in the comments!