Unwritten Law and Strung Out took to the stage in Indianapolis, IN with an attitude and energy that would knock any naysayer who claims punk is dead off their socks. It’s not just alive and and well, it’s kicking, jumping, and screaming, much like the wildly entertaining and full of life, Jason Cruz. Cruz maintained his station at the mic stand, but managed to perform with the same energy of a frontman who covers the entire stage and then some. Alongside him, Chris Aiken smiled as he paraded across the stage, adding his goofy flair to the set, and Jake Kiley and Rob Ramos took to the air. What was experienced, was a band who lives, breathes, and bleeds the punk attitude, transporting me from my modern day existence and into something ultimately special. Unwritten Law also hit the stage with an impressive vigor as pits opened up in front of them, buzzing with fans who were more than ready to punch the air and jump around for their idols. But unlike most mosh pits you see these days, those present for Strung Out and Unwritten Law were full of people singing at the top of their lungs and living their life to the fullest. Positivity and euphoria rang through the venue that night as memorable moments continued to ensue. Scott Russo picked up the mic stand and held it over the crowd, calling for a sing along, but everyone was already singing with him. After all, how could you not? Check out the photos from the show!

Unwritten Law & Strung Out Photo Gallery

Make sure you check out Unwritten Law and Strung Out on the remaining dates of their tour with Pennywise! It’s a concert you can witness, but even more so, one you’ll be glad you were a part of.