A sold out show awaited Carnifex at the Marquis Theater in Denver. Fan after fan lined up down the street itching to get in the doors and into the pit. Once the gates to hell finally opened, people frantically made their way into the venue, hoping to get that cherished primo front spot. Chaos was already beginning to take over the Marquis, but this was just a tiny taste of what was about to come. Over the course of the night, carnage ensued as She Must Burn, Lorna Shore, Rings of Saturn, Fallujah, and last but certainly not least, Carnifex took to the stage. Witness their passionate and insane performances below.


You get a workout while watching Fallujah play. Those guitar riffs are no easy feat. That in itself is fun to witness. What you hear is something so brutal, but watching them perform is like a graceful dance. I know, odd way to put it. But Fallujah are just as technical as they are heavy. At one point, Alex Hofmann called to the crowd to get their lighters out. These days that more often than not means turning your iPhone flashlight on, but nonetheless it provided for a magical experience as you watched light after light arise in the dark. In front, Fallujah banged their heads along to the beat, losing themselves completely in the moment. That’s what it is all about, getting lost in the music and forgetting everything else the lies ahead of or behind you. That’s what Fallujah’s live show offers.


The venue goes dark. As pillows of fog and spotlights of red flood the stage, Carnifex are standing at its side. Scott Lewis can barely stand still, because this is what he and Carnifex live for. We can barely control our excitement out in the crowd, because this is what we live for. All around, the Marquis is buzzing with excitement, about to explode from the anticipation. Then, it finally happens. Carnifex emerges with a seemingly endless amount of energy; I’m assuming pent up from the drive to Denver from New Mexico. Their latest album release, Slow Death, absolutely kills live with monsters like “Drown Me in Blood” and “Dark Heart Ceremony” that crash like a giant wave around you. Carnifex’s “defend death metal” attitude came through and then some in their performance as the dedication to and passion for not only their fans, but also their craft translated into their every action and movement on stage. Tonight, Carnifex brought the Marquis to life, and their commanding presence is further proof that death metal is not only alive and well, it’s kicking and screaming.

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