Talk about a throwback… Story of the Year has just announced that they will be dropping their first album in seven years and the follow-up to 2010’s The Constant, Wolves, on December 8th of this year. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle (Anberlin, New Found Glory, Acceptance) and mixed by Tom Lord-Alge & J Hall, they are hoping their 6th full length release is going to be deemed their best yet.

Lead Singer Dan Marsala had the following to say about their new record,

This album is us breaking through any rules or creative parameters we may have set for ourselves in the past. These are the most organic, honest, naturally flowing songs we’ve had in years, maybe ever. It tells a story of growing up, feeling lost, realizing you’re not the person you thought that you would be, fighting for you life, falling in love, learning the importance of family, and all at the same time, being scared to death of how all of that fits together in life. It’s an up and down roller coaster of hope and fear.

In addition to their album announcement, Story of the Year have released their first single, “Bang Bang,” which premiered today on Alt Press. It’s an extremely anthemic, catchy track, and a great first look into the direction of their new record. If anything, the nostalgia will hit you hard with this one.

Wolves is available for pre-order via Pledge Music now, with public pre-orders available next Friday, November 3rd. The album pre-order and other exclusive early access to behind the scenes videos, upcoming singles, and more can be found on Pledge Music’s site.

Wolves Tracklist

Story of the Year - Wolves 300x300

1. Wolves
2. How Can We Go On
3. Bang Bang
4. Youth
5. I Swear I’m Okay
6. Miracle
7. Can Anybody Hear Me?
8. A Part of Me
9. Give Up My Heart
10. The Eternal Battle For Mike Cronin’s Soul (To Be Alive Again)
11. My Home
12. Goodnight, My Love
13. Like Ghosts
14. Praying for Rain

What do you think of Story of the Year’s newest single? Was it worth the wait? Comment and let us know!