Warped Tour is the ultimate misfits summer camp that you–along with I–just can’t wait for year after year! Whether it’s your first time at Warped Tour–Welcome!–or your tenth time at Warped Tour–Welcome back!– this Warped Tour Survival Guide contains everything you need to know about Warped Tour in 2017. Prepare for yet another epic, hot, and sweaty day in the summer sun with your favorite bands with our ultimate Warped Tour Survival Guide.

Warped Tour Survival Guide Table of Contents

Warped Tour Preparation

CKY | Warped Tour 2017 Denver | Warped Tour Survival GuidePreparing the night before will make your journey and time at Warped Tour that much more enjoyable. Not saying you need to be like one of those crazy doomsday preppers that are ready for anything and everything, but having a plan and being ready is pertinent to starting off Warped Tour without any bumps in the road. Here’s what you should do to prepare:

Print out your ticket if needed. If you purchased your ticket online ahead of time, you will need to print it out and bring it with you to get in to Warped Tour. I always do this the night before and put it in the bag I’m taking with me, so I don’t forget to do it in the morning.

Charge your phone. There’s nothing worse than waking up and realizing that your phone has 2% battery. Double-check that you have your phone plugged in and charging, so you have your phone available the entire day. This is especially important for people who need to stay in contact with their friends, parents, and rides home. If your phone dies, ask someone around you to use theirs. The Warped Tour family is always willing to help others out in their time of need, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Prepare a snack. Warped Tour allows you to bring in a small, homemade snack in with you at most dates (Canterbury Park, Shakopee are the only ones excluded). If your date allows you to take a snack in, make sure it is something filling and healthy. Ignore anything that is jam-packed full of sugar, because you’ll crash later in the day. Things like a bag full of almonds or a peanut butter sandwich are super-charged and wonderful options that are also calorie-dense and hunger-satisfying.

Carnifex Vans Warped Tour 2017 Scott Lewis | Warped Tour Survival GuideMake sure your items are allowed in the park. According to the Warped Tour site, these things are allowed: Small lightweight backpack, small expandable umbrellas, sunscreen, a small homemade snack (Canterbury Park, Shakopee excluded), one sealed bottle of water, camera (non-professional), sharpie for autographs and writing set times, fully charged cell phone, comfortable sneakers, hat. Things that aren’t allowed, include selfie sticks, chains (ex: wallet chains), alcohol, recording devices, firearms, weapons, knives etc., any illegal substances.


Get plenty of sleep. A lot of things on this list are going to sound like common sense, but they are still important and need to be said. Getting at least eight hours of sleep will allow you to be refreshed in the morning and help you stay energized throughout a long but killer day of crowdsurfing, moshing, jumping, and singing along with your favorite bands. Unless you want to hit a wall about halfway through the day, you should give your body the proper amount of time to recharge!

After the Burial | Vans Warped Tour 2017 Crowd | Warped Tour Survival Guide

Eat breakfast. I sound like a Mom here, but breakfast will help you sustain energy throughout the day. Eat something that’s full of protein and carbs. I usually go for a piece of wheat bread with peanut butter and slices

of banana. It’s quick, easy, and energizing. Don’t have time? Get a quick protein shake and a banana, and eat it on the go. Bolthouse farms and Naked have some options available at various gas stations and stores across the country that are great if you are in a rush.

Get an early start. Head starts are important. Why? Because there will be a long line of either on-time or late people inching and honking their way into Warped Tour. You don’t want to be one of those people. Cut the frustration and anticipation by getting there early. That way you have time to plan your day–and the bands you are going to see–once you get into the park, and don’t have to worry about missing the opening bands!

What To Wear To Warped Tour

Creeper | Vans Warped Tour 2017 Dinosaur Crowd | Warped Tour Survival Guide

Lightweight, moisture-wicking clothing. I’m not here to tell you which color to wear, and most of all, I’m not here to tell you to stop wearing black; However, it is suggested that you try to wear clothing that is lighter in color, because they reflect light and heat. A huge dilemma, I know. I, in particular, wear nothing but black. It has a bad reputation for heating you up in the summer sun, but I’m here to tell you that if you are like me, and hate anything but black, there are still some viable options. When you just won’t budge on the color, budge on the type of fabric you wear.

Avoid clothing that is primarily made of cotton, because it absorbs your sweat, which in turn, keeps moisture close to your skin. This will cause an increase in your body temperature. With that said, it would be best to wear something that wicks sweat off your skin, much like workout clothing does. So, when you just can’t stop wearing black, choose a piece of black clothing that is made of moisture-wicking, lightweight material. Keep it simple and minimalistic with either a crop top or a tank top.

Shorts. Another common sense thing: Don’t wear jeans. Jeans will soak up your sweat like a towel, leaving you to feel swampy and gross all day. Wear shorts. You can even choose to wear a pair of surf shorts, which are moisture-wicking and comfortable. Contrary to popular belief, they aren’t baggy and uncool. Brands like RVCA, Roxy, Billabong, Hurley, and more make really cool yet functional board shorts for both dudes and girls.

Stick To Your Guns 10 | Warped Tour 2017 Denver | Warped Tour Survival GuideComfort over style. Finally, I can’t stress this enough…. Looking cute or cool isn’t everything! I’ve always chosen comfort over style and fashion, so I don’t really have any experience here. But I have been on the flip-side watching people walk through Warped Tour all done up, and wondering how they are going to make it through the day. Come dressed to have fun at Warped Tour!

Comfy, light-colored shoes you aren’t afraid to get dirty. Comfort is relative, so choose something that works best for you. I personally wear a pair of Vans every year, because it is a tradition of mine to get a new–or old–pair signed by my favorite bands every year. Vans are super comfortable, in my opinion, but I have learned one very important lesson over the years… Do NOT wear black shoes. Seems like common sense, I know, but I thought, “Vans are light-weight and made of canvas. I’ll be fine!” I was very wrong, and ended up with burnt and hot feet all day long. So, please learn from my mistakes and wear shoes that are lighter in color. Also, you are bound to get either muddy–if it rains–or dusty–if it is a dry day–so wear shoes you aren’t afraid to get dirty.

Avoid flip flops and sandals at all costs. I know, JB Brubaker of August Burns Red makes them look so cool on stage, but they won’t be cool when your foot gets stomped on and you are in pain all day. When walking through the park and standing in the crowd, you are bound to get your feet stepped on at some point or another. Trust me, I’ve been to every Warped Tour for the past eleven years, and it never fails that my feet are stepped on at least once. If you are one of the lucky few that has never happened to, more power to you for taking the risk. But what I’ve learned over the years is that Warped Tour is unpredictable, so it’s always best to be prepared for whatever may come your way–even if it’s something as simple as someone else’s foot.

Our Last Night 14 | Warped Tour 2017 Denver | Warped Tour Survival GuideCheap sunglasses. Don’t wear your Ray-Ban sunglasses to Warped Tour. I saw a pair fall off a guy’s head once, and they ended up history on the ground, smashed to sad little pieces. $150 down the drain in the fraction of a second. Cautionary tale. If you choose to wear sunglasses, make sure they are one of those $5 cheap-0 pair. For girls, I’ve found that Charlotte Russe is a great option. For guys, Forever 21 has awesome and inexpensive options. If you want to shop around for even cheaper options and aren’t concerned about trying on various styles in store, I’ve always found Amazon to be the ultimate one-stop shop. If you forget your pair in the Warped Tour preparation madness, vendors will be on-site selling sunglasses. They might be slightly more expensive due to a “convenience price”, but that option is always available to you if you need it.

A hat. A white hat is the best option here, or a lighter color. I sound like a broken record, but anything lighter in color is usually the best option for summer clothing and accessories. Something like this would work well. Basically, if you choose to wear a hat, make sure it has a bill to protect your face from the summer sun. Beanies, on the other hand, are a bad idea, because they are made of thick, insulating material that will trap the heat against your head. They are cute, yeah, but not practical.

What To Bring To Warped Tour

Silverstein Vans Warped Tour 2017 Shane Told | Warped Tour Survival GuideFirst and foremost, your ticket. Sounds silly, but there’s nothing worse than making it to Warped Tour and finding out your left your ticket at home. I am a worrier, so I personally check that I have my ticket at least twice before I leave. Better safe than sorry!

Money. When I go to Warped Tour, I usually refrain from taking a credit or debit card, because I know I’ll go overboard on buying things, especially with all of the awesome merch and vendor options. I personally take around $100 of cash with me, which gives me a nice little buffer to buy a few things, in addition to food for the day, but it also forces me to abide by my spending limit. If you aren’t planning on buying any merch, $50 would suffice if you aren’t planning on buying a lot of pop or alcoholic beverages, which I would urge you against doing. Not only is it around $5-$10 bucks depending on what you buy, it is also important to remain hydrated. Alcohol and pop both are known to dehydrate you, so water is really the best option. Plus, it will save you money over the course of the day to support your favorite causes, companies, and bands.

One unopened water bottle. Warped Tour allows you to bring in one sealed water bottle into the venue with you, so that you can remain hydrated throughout the day. Make sure you hold on to that water bottle, because there are Cool Gear Water Hydration Stations that you can refill your bottle up with for free with cool, filtered water. Simply find the “Water” banners across the park, fill up, and rehydrate. If you lose or recycle your water bottle, you can purchase a drink from concessions/vendors and get a disposable cup or reusable water bottle.

Gwar Vans Warped Tour 2017 Pustulus Maximus | Warped Tour Survival GuideWhat about camelbacks? Camelbacks are allowed in the park, but they must be empty at the time of entry. Once in the park, you can refill your camelback at one of the free water filtration stations.

Small backpack or drawstring bag. Purses and handhelds are a no-no, because they become annoying and cumbersome to keep an eye on over the course of the day. Plus, you’ll want to be hands free to experience Warped Tour at its fullest. Something that you can wear on your back is ideal, because it not only distributes the weight, but it also is the best option for carrying and protecting your belongings. I’d keep the size small and get one that is waterproof if possible. I use this one, because it is small, lightweight, waterproof, and practical.

Sunscreen. If you burn easily, this really applies to you. Make sure you apply one layer before you enter the park, and keep applying as needed throughout the day. High SPF’s are the best at preventing sunburn. In particular, sport sunscreens are water and sweat resistant, making them that much more effective in keeping you burn free or less burned during Warped Tour. 70 SPF is my choice, especially for people like my boyfriend who are fair-skinned and end up looking like red lobsters at the end of the day. Prevent that by using something like this.

Alestorm Vans Warped Tour Denver 2017 | Warped Tour Survival GuideSPF chapstick. I’ve never heard of somebody putting sunscreen on their lips. That’d just be gross. To prevent chapped and burnt lips, use a special SPF chapstick, like this one.

Hand sanitizer. It’s inevitable that venue bathrooms/porta-potties will run out of soap or hand sanitizer towards either the middle or end of the day. I always have a back-up plan for when that happens, because it can get pretty nasty up in there. There are hand sanitizers that can attach to the handles of your backpack, which I use and absolutely love. Here they are on Amazon so you can see what I’m talking about, but you can also purchase them individually at places like Target or Walmart in the travel-size sections for an extremely low price.

Sharpie/Disposable camera. Professional cameras are not allowed, but you can take in a disposable camera that will allow you to document your day and save your Warped Tour memories. Also, take in a sharpie if you plan on getting stuff signed. Some band members walk around the park, so having a sharpie on you is a good idea in case they don’t have one on them. Usually, bands will have sharpies with them at their merch booths, but it never hurts to be prepared just in case. These two things will help you remember Warped Tour 2017 for years to come, so don’t forget them!

Strung Out | Warped Tour 2017 | Warped Tour Survival GuideEarplugs. This is of course optional, like most things on this list, but a good idea nonetheless, especially if you are one of those people who love to be up front. I promise it’s not uncool to protect your eardrums from being damaged. Worried about the sound being compromised? No worries. There are earplugs out there that are made specifically to let the good sound in and keep the harmful sound out, like Earasers. They also come in different sizes, so they’ll fit better to your ear. We go to concerts every week and they work like a charm. Need a cheaper option? Standard earplug options are available on Amazon and also in store.

Waterproof/Outdoor blanket. I’ve taken a normal, standard blanket before to Warped Tour, and it ended up wet and dirty the first time I laid it on the ground. As a result, I upgraded to an outdoor and waterproof blanket that has the ability to withstand any abuse that’s thrown at it from wet to dusty/sandy ground. If it gets dirty or you spill something on it, just wipe it off with a napkin from the concession stand and you are good to go. With limited sitting options across the park, having a blanket with you is always a good idea, especially if your location has grassy areas you can sit on.

How Do I Get Tickets?

Tickets can be purchased through your local tour date host or their on-site box office. These sites will also have information, such as the bands that will be playing your specific date, availability, and pricing. If you don’t want to purchase your ticket online, you can purchase one at the box office of the venue/location you are attending. You are at risk of not getting in if you purchase tickets same day at the box office, because a few dates a year are known to sell out. Important: Do not purchase tickets in the parking lot, because you are at risk of that ticket being fake or invalid. Always get your ticket from a reputable source, such as your date’s site page or the on-site box office. For online purchases, find your date on Warped Tour’s site and click the tickets link to purchase your tickets. Tickets will go on sale on 03/22/2017.

How Can I Get To Warped Tour?

Creeper 5 | Vans Warped Tour 2017 Will Gould | Warped Tour Survival GuideDrive there, hitch a ride with a friend or family member, take the Rally Bus, or use Lyft. The most obvious is to drive there. Parking at most Warped Tour dates is free, but depending on the location, you may have to pay for parking. If you don’t have a license, you can always have a friend, family member, or parent drop you off. Most dates have a designated drop-off zone. If you’d like to avoid the parking madness altogether, Warped Tour has a partnership with Lyft as well as Rally Bus. According to their site, simply save by downloading and using the Lyft app. If you are a new user, just enter the code WARPEDTOUR16 in order to get $20 off your first ride. This may be updated later to WARPEDTOUR17, but we will let you know as we hear more! If you’d like to take the Rally Bus instead, you can find all the information you need to know here.

How Can I Skip The Line At Warped Tour?

Donate food, money, or a used phone to the Feed Our Children NOW! tent. Let’s face it, Warped Tour lines are generally long unless you get there early enough to beat the crowd. Previous Warped Tour dates allowed you to skip the line, so we are guessing this year will be similar. Just find the banner that says “Express Entry” or the Feed Our Children NOW! tent, donate at least three canned goods, $5, or a used cell phone. Not only do you get to support a great cause, but you also get a wristband that allows you first entry through a smaller, quicker line.

How To Schedule Your Day

Download the Warped Tour app on your phone, buy a map/schedule at the doors, or go the free route and take photo of the giant inflatable schedule that’s next to the Vans tent. Most of the time, your line-up will be available on your location’s website. A week out, I typically check out the bands that are playing, and make a list of my must-see’s. Right after I enter the gates, I bolt over to the schedule and see what times those bands are playing and plan my schedule accordingly.

I’m Vegan/Vegetarian, What Can I Eat?

Hands Like Houses 12 | Vans Warped Tour 2017 Denver | Warped Tour Survival GuideWhen I went vegan, naturally my first question before I attended Warped Tour was, “Will there be anything I can eat?” The answer is yes. At the Indianapolis date, they had vegan nachos, which were actually pretty good. Usually, there will be about 1-2 options available for vegans, but if you are vegetarian you have even more to choose from. Also, it is important to note that many menu items can be made vegan/vegetarian by excluding certain ingredients. Point is, Warped Tour is thankfully both vegetarian and vegan friendly, which is awesome. Not surprising, though, given how dedicated they are to their community!

How To Meet Your Favorite Bands At Warped Tour

When you enter the gates, check meet and greet/signing times. These can usually be found at the bands’ merch tents and sometimes posted by the bands around the park. According to Warped Tour, participating sponsors will have this information posted at their tents. Warped Tour’s Twitter will also keep you up to date on any contest, signing, and weather announcements. You can also sometimes meet your favorite band members by just simply walking around the park or checking out their merch tents.

How To Get A Backstage Pass

Carnifex 6 | Vans Warped Tour 2017 Scott Lewis | Warped Tour Survival GuideWarped Tour Survival Guide Tip: Do not buy backstage or any other Warped Tour pass from the parking lot or online, because they are fake and invalid. The only way to receive a proper backstage pass is through reputable fundraisers like Music Saves Lives or through a Warped Tour rep. The first 100 Warped Tour fans at each date will receive a backstage wristband for donating blood or having someone donate blood on their behalf. Blood must be donated at a Music Saves Lives sponsored blood drive. Once you are done donating, you will receive a Blood Donation Voucher which can be redeemed at the Music Saves Lives tent.

All Music Saves Lives sponsored blood drives will most likely not be posted until April 2017, and can be found on their website. According to Warped Tour, questions regarding the program can be found on the Music Saves Lives FAQ or addressed directly to [email protected].

If that isn’t an option for you, you can also email the individual(s) running the various non-profit tents and see if they need help at your date. Sometimes you’ll receive a backstage pass for your time. It’s also a great way to give back! If Vans Warped Tour, in general, needs volunteers for certain dates, they will post that information via their social media channels.

How To Get Your Favorite Band On Warped Tour

Kevin Lyman is always paying attention and taking note of who fans want to see, so express your love for that band via socials by tagging Warped Tour or simply wear that band’s merch. They also offer a survey following Warped Tour that asks the top 5 bands you’d like to see on next year’s Warped Tour. It’s also important to note that bands do not play the main stage 2 years in a row if they toured all dates, so be strategic in who you request.

Can parents come?

UPDATE 6/12/17: According to Warped Tour, “ICYMI :: FREE PARENT TICKET IS BACK
1 ticket = 1 parent. (1) parent (age 28 and older) will be permitted to accompany a child (under the age of 16) with a PAID TICKET to the event for FREE. This is a complimentary, non-transferrable wristband; the tour reserves the right to deny entry. ALREADY BOUGHT A TICKET? – If you are a parent that already bought a ticket we encourage you to find another use for it (ie. your child’s friend).”

Need a place to stay?

Warped Tour has partnered with Hotels for Hope to provide affordable rooms to anyone who may be traveling to Warped Tour this year. And you’ll also be doing some good! A $2 donation will be made to the Unite the United Foundation for every night you stay. Book here.

What To Do at Warped Tour

Creeper 2 | Vans Warped Tour 2017 Ian Miles | Warped Tour Survival GuideCheck out all the awesome non-profits. This year, organizations like Unite the United, A Voice For the Innocent, Keep A Breast, LTD Foundation, peta2, and more will be in attendance. For a full list of all of 2017’s participating non-profits and information about them, visit here. These are all causes that are giving back and doing wonderful things for the community, so stop by and say hi, learn about what they do, and if you feel inclined to do so, donate or buy merch!

Sign-up for workshops. Some of your favorite Vans Warped Tour photographers, artists, and more do workshops every year. So if you are an aspiring musician, photographer, amongst other things, check out this year’s workshops and see if anything sparks your interest.

Give a new band a chance if you have the time. Festivals are always a great place to discover music, so if you have the time in your schedule to give a new band a shot, do so. You never know, you may walk away with a new favorite band.

Be friendly and meet new people. If you are anything like me, it’s hard to find people out there with the same music taste. Not that you shouldn’t be friends with people who don’t, but it’s always awesome to share your love for a band with another person who feels the same way as you do. Music brings people together, so take the time to meet new people!

Stick To Your Guns 2 | Warped Tour 2017 Denver | Warped Tour Survival GuideHave the time of your life. If you want to sing along, sing along. If you want to crowd surf, crowd surf. You get the point! If you want to do something, it isn’t harmful to others or yourself, and isn’t against the rules of Warped Tour, do it! You only get to experience Warped Tour once every year, so you might as well seize the moment to its fullest.

Eat and rest when needed. I know it can be easy to get caught up in your schedule and forget to eat or take a breath. But I can’t stress enough how important it is to do both of these. Find a gap between your favorite bands and designate that time to eating lunch and finding somewhere to relax out of the heat.

What Not To Do At Warped Tour

Municipal Waste Vans Warped Tour 2017 | Warped Tour Survival GuideDo not buy tickets in the parking lot. These are most likely counterfeit, and you are at risk of losing your money and not getting in. Get tickets, as mentioned above, at your  location’s website or on-site box office.

Do not buy backstage or VIP passes in the parking lot or online. These are fake and you will not get access. According to Warped Tour, the only sanctioned online passes offered are through the Unite the United fundraiser and the passes from the Music Saves Lives blood donation fundraisers.

Do not leave the gates unless you are ready to go home. There are no re-entry’s. If you leave the gates, you can’t get back in without buying another ticket.

Do not get dehydrated or overheated. I’ve seen people experience heat exhaustion every year, because they did not listen to their body or keep hydrated. Remember, you are allowed to bring in one unopened water bottle with you into Warped Tour. If you get thirsty throughout the day, go to one of the free filtration water systems and fill up your bottle. Water bottles are also available for purchase at various vendors/concession stands across the park.

Hawthorne Heights 2 | Vans Warped Tour 2017 J.T. Woodruff | Warped Tour Survival GuideIf you find yourself getting overheated or too hot, there are designated shade tents available for your use across the park. Also: Some venues have amphitheater locations in the park, so if you find yourself overdoing it, take a break by listening to the next band that is playing there! It is shaded and you still get to enjoy the music.

Need medical help? Find the first aid flag located at the medic station.

Don’t act a fool. This involves a lot of things. Don’t get stupid drunk. Don’t be an asshole in the mosh pit or crowd. Don’t start fights with other people. If someone is being ridiculous or mean to another person, definitely call them out and stand up for that person, but don’t go in with fists blazin’. Basically, just have a good time, but not so much so that it’s at the expense of others having a good time!

Warped Tour 2017 Dates | Warped Tour Survival Guide

6/16 – Seattle, WA
6/17 – Portland, OR
6/21 – Albuquerque, NM
6/22 – Phoenix, AZ
6/23 – Las Vegas, NV
6/24 – Salt Lake City UT
6/25 – Denver, CO
6/27 – Nashville, TN
6/28 – New Orleans, LA
6/29 – Atlanta, GA
6/30 – Orlando, FL
7/1 – Tampa, FL
7/2 – West Palm Beach, FL
7/6 – Charlotte, NC
7/7 – Philadelphia, PA
7/8 – Long Island, NY
7/9 – Hartford, CT
7/10 – Scranton, PA
7/11 – Virginia Beach, VA
7/12 – Boston, MA
7/13 – Buffalo, NY
7/14 – Pittsburgh, PA
7/15 – Holmdel, NJ
7/16 – Washington, DC
7/18 – Cleveland, OH
7/19 – Cincinnati, OH
7/20 – Indianapolis, IN
7/21 – Detroit, MI
7/22 – Chicago, IL
7/23 – Minneapolis, MN
7/24 – Milwaukee, WI
7/26 – St. Louis, MO
7/28 – Dallas, TX
7/29 – San Antonia, TX
7/30 – Houston, TX
8/4 – San Francisco, CA
8/5 – San Diego, CA
8/6 – Los Angeles, CA

Warped Tour 2017 Lineup Announcement

Have an awesome time this year! If you’re going to the Denver date, we’ll see you there!